Workshop 3- Submitting Your Poetry

Workshop 3- Submitting your Poetry

Preparing your work for submission

Editing your work

Have others read what you have written

Copyright Basics

Selecting places to send

How to find places to submit

Magazines: Poets and Writers, University Presses, School Newspapers

Online: Google, Bing, Blogs

How presses, magazine or online journal differ

  Review of Guidelines

If judges are listed, check them out

If a fee is required to submit

Vanity publications vs. Other Types of Prizes

Tracking your submissions

What to include with submissions

always have a short bio; one pertaining to your writing is best

Keep a copy of what you submit

Use a spread sheet to keep it all straight

Evaluate your progress: track until end of the year

You won

Develop a list of media outlets to send announcements to in the event that you win

Columbia News Times, School Newspaper, Social Media Outlets

 Q&A  Or  add comments


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