Geza Tatrallyay Shares His Thoughts on Writing Poetry

The Joy of Writing

I have always loved language, experimenting with words, sounds, and combinations of these building blocks of communication. How they encode ideas and feelings, based on a common understanding chiseled over eons and still evolving, daily. Different languages will express the inner self differently; hence my passion for learning tongues, for the wonder of playing with their ability to convey thought and emotion.
Poetry was for me always the purest form of this game, where I could sit down, and with words, tease what was inside me onto a piece of paper, creating something of beauty. Then refine the product, sleep on it, rework the dough again, until―either as an incomplete fragment or as a fully rounded thought picture―I would stash it away in a drawer, or more recently, a file on my laptop.
Rediscovering these snippets from the inside of a self that was months, years, decades younger when these were crystallized, is akin to the wonder of love, and the older me would then relive these acts again, taking much pleasure in a slightly altered line, a more fitting word, a poised comma. And further delight would come at some point when I would take these disparate joggings, and assemble them into a coherent whole, a symphony of movements made up of melodies, phrases, and ultimately combinations of notes.
Thus was my collection of poems, CELLO’S TEARS, brought into the world. The sheer joy of creating it epitomizes what writing means to me. And many thanks go to Lucinda Clark and Rashida Weedon at PRA Publishing for serving as the very capable midwives for this birth.

Cello’s Tears will be released June 2015

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