Why Does Poetry Matter?

Thanks so much for all who sent a response! Looking forward to working with you this year!

Poetry Matters Project

In this post, we address Poetry Matters Project’s central question, “Why does poetry matter?”  In an attempt to answer this question, we asked a variety of poets and people critical to the Poetry Matters Project why poetry mattered to them.  This is what they said: 

“I have been an advocate for poetry, reluctantly at first, for over sixteen years. I learned early on that a great number of people suppress their inner poet. The excuses are many — I can’t write poetry, I don’t understand poetry, I can’t make money with poetry, and so on. Once, I was one of these people. However, I began to see that the love of this great art form wells up in us as children, for example through nursery rhymes, only to be bullied out of us as we move onto ‘real life responsibilities’. 

When we started the Poetry Matters Project, our…

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