Aiken Gets New Poet Laureate

   We are proud to announce that Joan Lacombe has become the first woman Poet Laureate of Aiken, South Carolina.  The Aiken Poets got their start on August 31st, 2011 after Ms. Lacombe was interviewed by The Aiken Standard for her winning entry  in “Poetry Matters”, an annual poetry contest in Augusta that attracts national and international entries.  In this interview she expressed interest in founding a poetry club in her hometown of Aiken, South Carolina.  Inspired by her dream, many reached out to her about founding a poetry group in Aiken.  The dream finally materialized in the summer of 2011 when Roger Brock, Sarah Bailey, and Joan Lacombe met at the at the New Moon Café for the club’s first meeting. 

   Since then, Roger Brock and Joan Lacombe have co-chaired the Aiken Poets.  Though the group initially met in their respective homes, they have since found a meeting place in Riley’s Whitby Bull Restaurant on Pine Log Road East.   The Aiken Poets have provided a creative outlet for many residents of Aiken.  They are able to promote the power and importance of poetry.  This group has helped fill a void that desperately needed filling.  Recently, this organization has also been able to hold educational workshops and poetry readings with an open mic for the public.  This will continue this coming April.  The Aiken Poets are able to deliver their poetry to Aiken citizens through the monthly “Poets Platform” page in the Aiken Standard, the local newspaper.  Occasionally, some pieces are published in the Bella Magazine as well.  We at the Poetry Matters Project are overjoyed to announce Joan Lacombe as the City of Aiken Poet Laureate

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