Poetry Workshop 1

We had a great start to our first poetry workshop on October 13th. We had a variety of participants and set the tone and format for upcoming workshops.  I outline the discussion below: The information outline below was taken from the first chapter of Poetry for Dummies by John Timpane and Maureen Watts, copyright 2001.

  What is poetry?

Poetry is the practice of creating artworks using language. There are five thing almost all poem have in them.

1. Attentiveness

2. Concentration

3. Experimentation

4. Originality

5. Form

What are the various forms and techniques found in poetry?

A great reference is the listing found on the Academy of American Poets website.

Procedure for Reading a Poem

Finally our writing exercise. The exercise asked each participant to think of an event that took place that week and to write a statement which summarized the event. As the statement was read at the podium each participant was asked to use the criteria listed above and turn the statement into a poem. The results were quite remarkable. To see the live readings visit poetrymatterscelebration on Facebook

Links from the Workshop are below:

Poetry Workshop part 1 October 13, 2012

Poetry Workshop part 2 October 13, 2012

Poetry Workshop part 3 October 13, 2012   

Poetry Workshop part 4 October 13, 2012

Poetry Workshop part 5 October 13, 2012


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